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Hello my name is Rob. I come from the land of endless strip malls and box stores. One time i saw a dog with a puffy tail and it was the best day i ever had. My favorite bands are The Violent Fems, The Flaming Lips, Belle and Sebastian, and The Thes. I have many great ideas but my bastard friends hold me back. I keep them around because they make me look good. If i was stuck on a desert island and could only have 3 books they would be an inflatable book, an oar shaped book, and a book on how to turn sand into gourmet food.
Epiphanies in college
1. 120 fortune cookies are far to many fortune cookies.
2. Apparently (i so dont believe this) 100% of gang rapes involve alcohol.
3. Smoothies are gooooooooood.
4. If you can kill 2 birds with one stone your really good at throwing stones.
Did you know that no one is allowed in, no elevator reaches, and no apparently uses the top three floors of Sky.  Now I know its supposedly haunted but I dont belive that Loyola would let three florrs of space go to waste. So what I figure is going on is that the University uses these floors for genetic testing and they started the ghost rumor to scare away the meddling kids like something out of scooby doo. If you ask me what kind of proof I have I pose this question to you "What the fuck is a rambler" thats right you dont know. I dont know either but I'm willing to bet that its a sin against nature.